Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colorblockingg !

So Colorblocking is the new trend! I loved to see it. But I never colorblocked myself. So yesterday was my second day of school, and I decided to go colorblocking.

That was my colorblocking outfit. look below for a goodlook on
what I wore.

My items:
Hotpink Blazer, Stradivarius E35,90
Jeans, Pull&Bear E39,90
All stars, Converse $29,90
Orange Bag, Primark E11,00
Scarf, Lille France, E5,00
White Tee, 1982, E4,00
Starbucks take away, 18 Pounds
Michael Kors watch, $225,-

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The wardrobe must-haves

I know it's been a while. But I got something new.

I always get asked a lot of questions like what should I have in my wardrobe and like I wanna upgrade my wardrobe, what to buy.

So I've made up a list with suggested items on what to buy if you are in need of a new wardrobe.

Side note: The basic "girl next door" look is partly preppy and partly Fashionable/trendy.

To be a girl next door it's important to be a lady of style, class, culture and offcourse brains. Nothing more attractive than a beauty with brains.

The wardrobe:

Ur wardobe is split up in 3 sections: fondamentales, déterminer et finitions. Please excuse my french. translation: the core, the defining pieces and the finishing touches section.

In a wardrobe you have to be able to mix the pieces to complete a total look, a variety of looks and outfits.

Le fondamentales. This are the pieces that you absolutely require. These items are timeless and really capture the essence of any well-dressed lady look. You litteraly can't live without your fondamental items. They should be a combo of your personality and practicality.

Le determiner pieces. This part of your wardrobe should consist of items that are 90% representing you and your style and 10% trend.

It may happen that a certain trend becomes a part of your personal style and that is ok. Basically these are the items that are kind of defining your personality and really make your look. They make you look like you. This part of your wardrobe should also have a few signature pieces.

The last section of your wardrobe should all be about le finitions and extra's. They are not really necessary but you want them to complete the look.

PARTIE UN: Le fondamentales

- Jeans:
2 pairs of skinny jeans (dark- and light wash)

- Khaki's/Pants:
a tregging or any kind of pants. (Camel/Navy/Khaki)

-A cardigan in neutral color
navy, black or grey

- 3 quality t-shirts (3 of one color)
3 white, 3 black, brown and grey tshirts

- Plain tanktops
white and black

- 2 polo's
white and black

- a button up

- 2 blazers
A short business-like blazer and a boyfriend blazer. Both in black.

(The shoes you pick for your core are totally up to you. They should accentuate your personal style and you should be able to wear them with anything anyday.)

- 2 pairs of casual shoes
example: black chucks, Vans, flats, moccasins, casual oxfords.

- a pair of dressier/non-casual shoes
example: ankle boots, wedges etc.


This is your Core and it is timeless, which means it will never go out of style. It's easy to combine and it will go easily with any trend.

Side note: The blazer became a part of my core items. I have a lot in different colors I prefer blazers. But that's me, it can be different for you and your opinion.


With these items you can create a variety of looks:

very casual: dark wash skinny jeans, v-neck tshirt, flats
everyday: Jeans, polo, blazer or cardigan and chucks
weekend relaxing: tregging, t-shirt, cardigan and moccasins
dressier: Button up, tregging, wedges or ankle boots.

PARTIE DEUX: Le determiner et signatures

- 1 pair of colored jeans
Example: Oger, purple, armygreen, darkyellow/orange.

- 2-4 graphic tees
example: vintage, retro, funny, fave brand. Also here: anything that suites your style.

- 2 dress jackets

a signature jacket like a leather biker jacket and a neutral yet stylish jacket like a basketball jacket or a colored or jeans blazer. Jackets are like the frosting on the cake. It could go without but it's nices with it!

- 4-6 shirts/tops
In the style of your choice.
example: plaid button up's, bright colored graph tees. Anything that brings out your look.

- 3 pants/bottoms
example: shorts, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, corduroys. Again anything that fits your look.

- shoes:
For shoes coose a pair or a few pairs that are really hot to you. Either sneakers, dressier shoes or a combination of both. These are your 'fancy' shoes Stand out shoes that finish the look.
example: Lanvin sneakers, Marc Jacob sneakers, exclusive sneakers even Jordans or just a simple pair of high top adidas.

- High heels:
Every lady should have at least one pair of high heels that she can go out with. Go for a simple pair of black ones or go extravagant with glitters. Anything that fits with you, just make sure that they are killer heels.

- accessories:
3 scarves, a hat, glasses, sunglasses, 1 pair of diamond earrings and a black bag.

These are your items that will complete your look. They compliment your basics and make it look trendy.

PARTIE TROIS: Le finitions

(these are just the extra's. You'll probably don't need 'em. And they will probably be trend items)

-Trendy coat/jacket
Example: Bright/colored blazer

Ray ban or Aviators etc.

Animal print, floral, designer logo etc.

a watch, long earrings, rings, bracelets

different colored and print bags, hair bands etc.

-unique accessories
example: chain earrings, ringbracelets, bellychains, broches etc.

- add more basics/fondamentals to your wardrobe
example: more solid colored shirts, shoes, blazers, polos etc.


So this is the wardrobe list for the girl next door, for now. It can change at any time. And a tip: you can never have enough shoes, blazers or bags. You can never have enough clothes. Have a fashionable life.x

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sexy Seventeeen !

Helloo world..
It's beeen a long time !!!

It was my birthday, the 24th of july, turned sexy seventeen.

Some pics of my outfittt..

The glasses are from Carrera©

The toast

After the toast we went to the club.. it was funn !

The Next day, Saturday the 24th of July, Cocktail-bar BluePrint.

My dolls

Sex And The City !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's bring the sun back

Let's justt doo that.. Just let this sun come back !! españa '09

Makes you come up with creative ideasss 4 wearingg.. looovee it !! x

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In my undiepantss

Megan Fox is the new face and model of Armani Underwear..

love it


Monday, December 28, 2009

Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2010

The Stella McCartney runway show was Oo Kee.. This are the 6 pieces I loved the most..

Sunday, December 6, 2009